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Church Services

With over 45 years of ministerial experience, I bring wisdom, clarity and passion to the presentation of the Gospel of Jesus. I have the heart of a pastor to train men and women for ministry, while energizing the church body to function with their PURPOSE in the Kingdom. If you need someone to fill your pulpit -- you can have confidence that we will treat them with great respect and challenge your congregation to great vision and involvement in their community for the Kingdom of God.


Along with my wife, Darla, we have traveled to many countries and throughout the continent of Africa preaching to thousands while assisting missionaries with various outreach projects.


Recently I have embarked on several trips to Kenya as a consultant to national pastors in the building of their churches through the development of their leadership infrastructure. 


My vision is to continue the coaching program I have established throughout the local churches in America using:

  • Powerful Inspirational Speaking

  • Leadership Assesment & Strategic Planning

  • Infrastructure Development

  • Vision Casting 

  • Teaching the "Pathways of Significance" 



If your Church has plateaued and you are looking to reach the next level in your ministry, contact me, and together we'll create the most effective plan to move you forward. We have a passion to help churches and Pastors "go to the next level". We are very involved in the revitalization of congregations.  You NEED our help!  Contact today!

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