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Everybody loves a winner!

People cheer and stand and even cry, as they watch the runner coming around the last lap, and races toward the tape. It's as old as time! We all love winners!

No one cares or even remembers some times the other folks in the race ... but we do remember the winner.

Life is a lot like a race. We are ALL in this race, and we are working towards a finish line. The biggest problem we face is that we don't know how long the race is on .... and we don't always see the finish line. For some it comes earlier in life ... for others later in life.

The point is not where or when the finish line comes.... the point is CROSS THE LINE --- FINISH!

Michael Phelps knows what it is like to cross the finish line in his races ..... Notice, he states it is HOW you finish!

That speaks to the quality of your life -- it speaks to the people in your life -- it speaks to the way you run your race (live your life) -- it speaks to the lasting legacy you will leave to those who are following you (those in your sphere of influence).

Good news is that even if you struggle in the early stages of life -- even if you fall down -- even if you fail -- and fail miserably-- YOU can get up -- and FINISH this race. There is always time to start again, to start right where you are and run again.

We will never forget Super Bowl LI (51) -- the Biggest COMEBACK in all of NFL history -- the only Super Bowl determined by an overtime -- the greatest of the great. One team (like the hare) ran way out in front, and went into the locker room with a 28-3 advantage, thinking they had the game won - only to lose to the persistent, never give-up, finishers (the tortoise).

The morale of the story is simply this: NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER STOP TRYING!


In football, there are 4 quarters (15 minutes each) -- The game is never over until the clock runs out --and in rare occasions, you get 15 more overtime minutes to play, until one team scores a touchdown.

In life -- God gives us extra time sometimes to make it right --- everyone of us has plenty of opportunities to improve -- to "up our game" - to grow and do better! Stop wasting time -- and stop complaining - stop blame shifting -- Get into the game -- Give it your best! GROW -- and become the best YOU you can be this year!

I want to help add value to your life. Complete the contact information sheet on this web site, and let's work together!


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