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Formula for Success in Hard Times

The world is in crisis-mode! That’s the understatement of the year. The new buzz words are “unprecedented” and “abundance of caution”. The very word Corona and the initials COVID19 strikes fear in many. We hear about it over and over all day and all night. For the first time ever we are seeing churches literally closed due to not being able to “congregate”. Ready or not (and most were not prepared) we are now the “virtual” church. The end is not yet in sight. But God……

The other day as I was praying, I came up with a pertinent formula for these times – especially for the Church.

Trouble = Challenges = Creative Ideas = Effective Action = Lasting Change

The first two part seem obvious --- all trouble presents challenges. The way you look at trouble can be overwhelming, or you can see it as merely a challenge! That has every thing to do with perspective. This is a lot like the age-old illustration of the difference between “half-empty” and “half-full” – that’s perspective! Look at this crisis as a challenge.

The next three items in this formula are all hinged on one’s perspective – the difference between fear and panic and faith.

Creative Ideas seldom come to the fearful! People filled with “the faith of God” have a supernatural ingredient that will lead them to be creative. It’s the power of the Creator in us. We are witnessing “creative ideas” right now in the church world. We are out of our comfort zone! God will help you, if you listen and dream and obey.

Effective Action will only be “effective” if it is a God-idea! That’s what we want, because all of God’s ideas are effective! It’s trite: WWJD = What Would Jesus Do. Think, pray, dream – be creative and be effective today.

The final part of the equation will always be true, if all the other parts are in place.

Lasting Change. Notice I didn’t say just change --- all change to just be change isn’t good nor is it lasting. To say, we will never be the same is true. But, how will we change? What will we change? and Will it last?

It this midst of this crisis remember:

Trouble = Challenges = Creative Ideas = Effective Action = Lasting Change

Maximize your 2020!

Don Railey


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