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Let's Take That Mountain

In 1995, both Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ), and Loren Cunningham (Youth With a Mission) had a revelation of how to change the culture. When they compared notes, it was almost the same – and it began to be called, “the Seven Mountains of Culture”. They said that if you can affect the top levels of these seven areas, you could turn or adjust the culture: Family, Arts & Entertainment, Media, Business, Education, Government, and Church. Sociologist tells us that you only need 3-5% of people at the top levels of these seven areas, to change the direction on that area.

By definition the word “influence” means: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something. Think about this: everyone has influence. We may not think we do, but we do have influence over someone and something. John Maxwell defines leadership as “influence” – nothing more or less. YOU are a leader of someone and something.

The tragedy is the lack of understanding of this truth. So, instead of making a positive impact where you work – where you serve – where you live – where you ‘do life’, we just quietly let others exert their influence instead of ours.

Years ago the phrase was coined, “Silent Majority” - this was a phrase that was to describe people of character, people of integrity, and people of Christian virtue and values. Being silent was deadly, in the sense of our culture. While we were “silent”, others have used their influence to highjack our culture for bad. Look again at the list of the seven mountains --- think how culture has shifted in each of these areas, away from our Christian values.

Is there hope? YES – if, and only if, the “silent” folks will speak up. YOU do have influence – you ARE a leader – affect destiny by using that influence to change our culture in each area of life that you are involved in for the good. #livetoinfluence

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