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We live in an age where there is a unique and new definition of the word “friend” – it’s broad – it’s expansive – it’s inclusive – and it mirrors what we used to know as “acquaintance”

Social media and the internet has shrunk our world. Most of you will NOT know or remember a world without TV --- without cell phones – without cable – without computers – without smart phone technology – but I do! I remember as a child gathering around the RADIO to hear the news – to hear music and dramatized comedy – what is that today?

Who really is a FRIEND today? A true friend – the kind that Scripture describes as “closer than a brother”?

Today we know – but are not known – we hold each other apart – perhaps because of FEAR (that’s the emotional wall we have erected to protect ourselves) --- maybe we are just too much into ourselves – it’s call me first! -- which is really “selfishness”.

We have failed in 2 areas: (1) we just don’t appreciate our differences. Do you realize that “all God’s children” are from the same Father – but we are oh so different – and that’s good – that’s variety – that’s refreshing. But do we see it?

And (2) we miss our similarities – we’re so much more alike than we care to admit – same needs, same wants, same desires – we are one race – the “human race”!

Have you ever stopped to realize that Everybody Wants to be a Somebody? They are crying, “can you see me?” – notice me – I am somebody – made in the image of God

My mentor and friend, John Maxwell says so often “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care? --- How much do YOU care? Or maybe I should ask, “Do YOU care at all?”

It’s a fact – Everybody needs somebody! – we are not islands unto ourselves – we are a part of a community of mankind -- Will YOU be that somebody that is needed today?

I know this - Everybody can be that Somebody when somebody understands and believes in them. Do you realize that most people don’t have any faith in themselves? And tragically most people don’t even have anybody in their lives that does believe in them. I know that most people will do just about anything for that somebody who does believe in them. Will YOU be that somebody who believes and understands?

One last thing – whenever you become that somebody who lifts another person – that multiplies and reaches a world of “somebodies”!

Who is YOUR friend? Who’s your somebody just waiting to be lifted so that they can achieve their dreams and goals in this life?

Next time you click that “friend” button – do more – take time to listen – take time to understand – take time to be that somebody to them – a true friend!

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