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It's All About the KINGDOM

So much of what we are witnessing in the world today has so much to do with people and personalities, with governmental authorities and man-made schemes, and with earthly pursuits. Right here in America in the last few weeks, our country is divided in an election season which has led to violence and greater animosity and has caused so many to question their beliefs and values. I would like to suggest to you that "It's All About the Kingdom --- the Kingdom of God!"

Everything that goes on is under the watchful eye of our Lord Jesus Christ. We know from what the Scriptures teach us, that "nothing is too hard for God". This has lead some to be somewhat disillusioned because what they hoped for and believed for, has not come to pass. We have heard a plethora of voices telling us what God says about this, and what God says about that. If you really want to know what God thinks and what God says, stop and read your Bible!

The pandemic has shut down so many things we thought we could not live without. And we have had to spend a lot of time at home --- and away from the "normal" hustle and bustle. During this time --- did you read the Bible more or less. Did you pray and communicate with God more or less? Did you spend time talking with other people of like faith and in doing so, strengthen their faith and encourage them - or not?

Think with me --- what does it mean, the Kingdom of God? For one thing, let me remind you of the obvious -- Kings are not political pawns -- and they are NOT voted on by man! They are Sovereigns! They rule over people and territories. God's Bible tells us that "the earth is the Lord's" and "The King sits on the throne". We were instructed by Jesus to pray daily --- "Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven". So, no matter what is going on in the world --- there is a King of the Kingdom who is in charge!

I personally made HIM my LORD when I made HIM my Savior. You can't have one without the other. Many want to have a Savior --- God save me from _____ God save me from ______. I don't want to go to hell! I am lost --- please help me out! AND Jesus came to do just that! However --- HE also demands to be the LORD and MASTER of your life, from the day you say YES until eternity. I have made Jesus the King of the Kingdom in my life. Have you?

I don't know all that is coming our way in 2021 --- but I do know that IT'S ALL ABOUT THE KINGDOM!


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