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When we talk about MORE OF GOD in 2024 – everyone can agree that is what YOU want.  Who wouldn’t want MORE “glory”, “power”, “anointing”, and “presence” of God in your life this year.  Just saying this – or even praying for this – IS NOT ENOUGH.   We must boldly determine and declare “NO MORE” before you can declare “MORE”.


In prayer God spoke to me about some “NO MORES” for this year.




you can’t just say this – you’ve got to make up your mind that you will not            

ALLOW defeat in your life.  Much of what happens to us is beyond our control,     

but how we deal with it IS in our control --- it’s a choice.  As believers – and

especially as “Spirit-filled” believers we have authority to stop the enemy in

his tracks.  We have authority to say NO.  The old adage, “whatever will be,

will be” does NOT apply to us!  I am determined in 2024 – NO MORE DEFEAT!




 So many Christians go through life without any demonstratable power – Jesus said “You shall receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon you.”  You are not a victim – you are a victor.  “Greater is HE that is IN you than he that is in the world.”  “We are more than conquerors through HIM who loved us!” Determine you will not be powerless --- MORE POWER – MORE HOLY SPIRIT in your life this year!  Fast and pray and make up your mind that you will no longer live without HIS power in you!




I have heard so many lifeless, powerless, flowery prayers that  are basically mere religious words – STOP – I don’t want anyone praying for me this year who does not know who they are talking to, and who does not pray with power and authority.  “Whatsoever things you bind on earth will be bound in heaven.”   “Ask and you shall receive”. “Anything you ask the Father in my name – HE will do it” --- now you’ve got to believe that – then pray that way.  Pray with power – pray with authority – YOU’VE GOT THAT AUTHORITY IN JESUS NAME!  When God’s people pray with power – things will happen.  After all, Myles Munroe taught us that “prayer is giving earthly license for heavenly intervention”



We know from the Bible, that Jesus is coming soon!  This could be the year of HIS return!  He told us before HE left to “occupy until I come back” --- OCCUPY is a military term – meaning TAKE OVER – Refuse to be defeated – refuse to allow things to go on that God says NO to!

HE is waiting for you and me to say, “NO MORE in ‘24”!  Are you with me?




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