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Intentional Growth

I wrote in an earlier blog that growing is not automatic. That’s the first law of the 15 Laws of Growth (from John Maxwell’s book). So many times, we think that because we “showed –up” we are growing, but that isn’t so. If you want to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually, you will have to make effort – you will have to be intentional about it.

We’ve all heard that “experience is the best teacher.” I agree with John when he says that only “reflected experience is the best teacher.” What that means is you must think – you must change – you must have times of reflection in order to truly grow.

Now I want you to think with me – growing is for a lifetime. What I mean is – the more you grow – the more you will have capacity to grow. In other words, growing leads to more growing. The more you know, the more you know you don’t know everything, and you’ll continue to grow – to read – to study – to reflect – to change. The more you change, the more you want to change.

So many people stop growing – they have destination syndrome – they have arrived. And when this happens, they become stale – they become stagnant – they begin to die.

If you want to stay young – if you want to stay fresh – if you want to stay up-to-date – if you want to be relevant in today’s world – GROW. Keep reading – keep learning – have a student’s heart. Never stop – never arrive – never stop growing!

That’s my goal – to always be a student – to always grow! I also want to help others grow. That’s my purpose – I want to help you grow. Contact me and let me be your growth “coach”.

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