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Church - Get it Right in 2019

2020 is just a year away, and when we think of 2020 we thing of 20/20 vision. God is wanting this year (2019) to get His church ready for the final harvest and when Jan 1, 2020 comes we will have clear 20/20 as to what God wants done and we will be ready to reap the final harvest before HE comes.

In order to do this we need to do 5 things —- I call them the “5 fys”

1. IDENTIFY - you know what is not working — what is not right — what could be better —- this is the time to identify the problem areas, as well as identify what works — how it works — and what you are good at (as a church — as a believer — as a minister of the Gospel) — we need to take an honest hard look at what it going on — to live in the “dark” and hope something will change just doesn’t make sense —- to keep doing what you’ve always done will reap the same harvest — don’t like what you’re getting — look again at what you are planting —

2. CLARIFY - sometimes we don’t see well enough — because we are too close to the forest to see the trees —- sometimes it takes some outside “eyes” to help us clarify and make clear what is in front of us —- sometimes we look at the same thing for so long we don’t see it anymore — we get used to what is...

After you identify the good areas, and the not so good — then clarify what’s happening — be able to verbalize it —-write it down — study and see what it really is....

3. MODIFY — like going to the optometrist and getting an eye exam — if you can’t read the chart like you should — you need “corrective lenses” (glasses) - after you see what is clearly not working, you need to modify it —- rectify it — in other words “change” — don’t be afraid of change — it is good —- people usually change when it hurts too much to not change — or when they understand what needs to change, and they know what to do to change it.

4. JUSTIFY — after you make changes — because you wrote down the vision, people can understand what is needed and what has to change — in other words, you’ve got to sell the vision, and get others on board — you’ve got to give them reason to join you — to work with you — to participate —- like the old newspaper man, you’ve got to be able to tell them the What, Where, When, Why, and How.

5. RATIFY - the final step is to adopt the new vision — to actually make it happen — to ratify it means to put it in place — to start moving forward toward that vision and to get others on board the train — in other words — mobilize the troops, and move out!

There are many programs and training out there to help you do this. The Acts 2 Journey is one such training that will enable Pastors and their leadership teams to fully assess their situation clearly, and to adopt necessary changes to go into a new day. I am a certified facilitator of this training, based on the 2nd chapter in Acts.

If interested in being prepared and to take this "journey" - contact me today!

Will you have 20/20 vision in 2020? What you do now — this year — will make a difference for you and your congregation — and for you personally.

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