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In prayer recently I heard the Lord say – get ready – CHANGE is coming! In the natural this is a “welcomed” word. We’ve been stuck, as it seems, in a relentless enumeration of bad news – bad events – disappointing results. Seems that the more we pray as believers, the worse things appear to be. But God is wanting us to LOOK UP – to not focus on what we see or hear around us – but look to HIM.

Never forget who is in charge? Who is Lord? Who is really in control ultimately of all the world? Who is King of kings and Lord of lords?

I believe we are about to see, this next year, a change in 3 areas:

1. Change of Atmosphere – instead of hopelessness, hope; instead of lack, Divine provision; instead of fear, faith; instead of animosity and division, unity and peace. God is changing the Atmosphere!
2. Change of Scenery – instead of seeing all the corruption and violence, we’ll see righteousness and justice; instead of sin and debauchery, we’ll see holiness! God is changing the Scenery!
3. Change of WHO’s in charge – instead of so called ‘leaders’ who are thieves and sinners, we’ll see good moral and upstanding people coming to the forefront in every area; instead of the ‘devil’ and his agenda, we’ll see God’s Kingdom being demonstrated – we’ll see things being done God’s way – we’ll see leaders step up who know who they are, and “whose” they are!

Are you ready for CHANGE? Get ready! Get your hearts right with God! Get your head on straight! Get your ears open to hear! Get your feet ready to “run” HIS way!

Welcome 2023 – a Year of CHANGE!


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