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Now that this election cycle has been completed, we once again turn our attention back to a premise that needs to be repeated over and again, ‘CHARACTER COUNTS’!!

Remember a few years ago, when our country was subjected to the immoral acts of a sitting President in office – and a scandal arose, which later caused him to be “impeached”, but unfortunately not removed from office! Back then the debate raged in the public, and even from some pulpits, that one’s private life does NOT affect their public life. Many bought the idea that there is a dichotomy or double standard. This in essence is hypocrisy.

Once again, during this election cycle, people who lacked “character” were elected to office. We are sending people to Congress and to State houses that are not moral, not honest, and it really doesn’t seem to matter to the electorate, which by the way is “We the People”.

I complained in our state elections that many of the candidates were carrying such baggage of immoral and dishonest acts that I really wish I could have voted for “NONE OF THE ABOVE”.

Look closely at the pulpits in local churches, and you’ll see people who are, by the words and actions, not in compliance with our ultimate standard, the Bible. They are as the apostle Paul said, ‘preaching another gospel’.

I know we are talking about “fallen man” – and only Jesus is perfect – but it’s past time for “character to matter” again in this country. We need to reject people who are not honest and aren’t moral (according to Biblical standards). We need to reject the idea that private life and public life are not one and the same. If they are not privately pure – they are not publicly pure – no matter what they say! Stop listening to the media’s portrayal – watch their actions – do your homework.

Give us good leaders! Give us honest leaders! Give us moral leaders! No matter what their party affiliation or lack thereof.


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