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Got Faith?

We hear a lot about this today, especially during these unprecedented times, when people are so fearful.  Pastors and leaders are combating the fear epidemic — and it really has become an epidemic.  Not to minimize the seriousness of a virus outbreak, but the promotion and advancement of FEAR is of epic proportions. Every TV channel is reporting stats and predictions of increased loss of life.  Combine that with huge unemployment figures and “stay at home” orders, and you’ve got yourself a bad situation.  Let’s face it, we all have fear!  What do we do with it?

The ultra-spiritual crowd will tell you, “if you just won’t be afraid” —- tell that to the early disciples.  That is not real!  Others will say “the opposite of faith is fear”— and I don’t believe that either.  

Actually the opposite of Faith is doubt!  Let’s look closer at that idea.  It was Jesus who said, “All things are possible, if you can believe” and “You can have whatsoever you say, if you doubt not”.  I don’t think Jesus was saying that you will never have a doubtful or questioning thought, but you have to make a choice either to overcome that thought, or entertain that thought.  It does matter on what you “dwell” and where you “camp-out” ..... If you spend hours absorbing fearful and doubtful (basically that which is not “of faith”) thoughts and ideas, you will soon be overwhelmed.  Whatever you think about long enough, you will act on.  

What’s the cure for Fear?  Don’t camp there!  Don’t spend time listening and considering the negative ideas being presented.  You, like the disciple, Peter, can look at the Lord and walk on the water of this crisis, or you can look at the waves of the crisis, and sink (no matter what your ‘crisis’ is today)

Of course, we all are reminded from time to time that “Faith comes by hearing the Word of God” —- we know that if we think on what God’s Word (the Bible) says, it creates and increases our faith level, and doing that, will overcome any thoughts of fear and doubt.  I learned a long time ago, that you cannot defeat a thought with another thought — you need a WORD.  Read aloud today God’s promises ..... you need to hear them to increase your faith!

Spending hours in front of the TV or on the Internet, including social media, will only intimidate and scare you and drive your actions in the fear direction.  Stop — get quiet — read aloud God’s Word — meditate on it — declare and speak it out — and you’ll experience, “the peace of God that passes all understanding”.

Ever wonder why, over and over again, the Scriptures say, “Do not be afraid”?  It’s because you can - and you will.  So, what’s the remedy? God’s Word and Prayer!

Talk to the Lord today, and let him talk back to you through His Word!  

Faith over Fear?  Only if that “faith” is founded on God’s Word!


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