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Happy Twos-Day

Today is 2.22.22 – a unique palindrome (which means forward and backward, it is still the same). This doesn’t happen often --- however we had one recently – 2.2.22.

More importantly, I believe there is great significance this year – 2022. I believe, as I have spoken about and written about – we are seeing “The Year of the Lord” – in other words, this is HIS year – the Hebraic calendar is 5782 – which is the year of the “voice of the Son”. God’s Son, Jesus, is manifesting His presencethis year, like never before. We are seeing a “shaking” of nations, governments, culture, and customs. Russia stands ready to attract Ukraine --- China, Iran, Turkey, Russia --- these nations are aligning themselves together --- we are definitely living the “the last days”. Prophecies are being fulfilled daily. As Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has written – we are witnessing the Harbingers of the End-times.

In the midst of these ominous events – This will be a year of “double blessing” for not only the people of Israel (God’s people), but also for all the Gentile nations that make Jesus Lord. We believers are actually a part of “spiritual Israel”. The Old Testament prophet Isaiah prophesied in 61:7 (Amplified Bible) …. “Instead of your [former] shame, you will have a double portion; And instead of humiliation your people will shout for joy over their portion. Therefore, in their land they will possess double [what they had forfeited]; Everlasting joy will be theirs”

God is settling accounts in 2022! God is restoring what has been lost! Notice the exchange:

*Instead of shame – double portion

*Instead of disgrace – rejoicing in your inheritance

*Your inheritance will be a “double portion” in the land *Everlasting JOY!

It’s time to realize that God is moving to restore much to those who believe! What have you lost? What have you forfeited? What have you been disgraced by? -- Get ready this is your year!

2.22.22 = Double for your Trouble!

2 is a double number

22 is a double-double number

Expect God’s Favor in your life this year ---even TODAY ON THIS TWOSDAY!

Keep your faith up!

Keep your eyes of HIM!

Keep your heart right with God!

Don’t let anyone or anything take away your blessing!

Today is your day!

Claim your “double” portion today!

Expect your miracle!


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