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The Stage is Being Set

As the world watched the opening ceremonies for the 2022 Winter Olympics in China – we saw what commentators said was “geo-political” happenings. Standing in the stands were two world leaders – only two --- the other nations of the world had boycotted sending diplomatic representatives due to “human-rights” violations of the host country. We witnessed the Presidents of Russia and China is all their “glory”.

At the same time that athletes marched by the viewing stands, over 100,000 Russian troops and equipment were staged on the border of Ukraine. Reportedly the Russians and the Chinese were in an agreement to support each other --- Russia vs. Ukraine and China vs. Taiwan.

The western nations that have formed two alliances were and are nervous about what may happen next. The EU (European Union) which has a number of nations together, and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization, established in 1949) has 30 nations (including the USA and Canada). Several nations are in both organizations. Ukraine has been working toward becoming a member of NATO and Putin of Russia is not happy about that. Why? Article 5 of the charter for NATO basically says, if one of the member nations is attacked, the other nations will come to their assistance (even militarily).

Putin has already taken over the peninsula of Crimea, which was a part of Ukraine, ensuring his use of the ports there to the Sea. He already has the pipes in place from his nation to Germany in the Baltic Sea – to ship natural gas to Europe. That pipeline (Nord Stream 2) has not been activated. Ukraine is rich is many minerals and farm products that services much of the world (especially in Europe).

They also have the other pipeline running through their land, from Russia to Europe (very lucrative).

The stage is being set for the ultimate showdown. We know from Ezekiel 38 and 39 that “Gog and Magog” will attack Israel one day (most Bible Scholars say that is Russia). Revelation 16 says that the “kings of the east” will march toward Israel too (that’s China and their Asian alliances).

We are nearing the end-time events prophesied long ago. One day. in the near future, there will arise a Leader (called the Anti-Christ) who will come out of a United States of Europe. We are seeing movement in that arena as well – that “spirit” of Anti-Christ is alive and well on planet Earth right now

One thing is certain --- God will have the last “say so”! Jesus is coming back soon to “rule and reign”! This week we watched a pageantry of “end-time” prophecy being fulfilled. Are you ready? This is not a time to be asleep! This is a time to be fully awake and participating in the final Harvest of the lost! This is God at work in 2022!


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