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Every year toward the end of the year, I began to pray and anticipate what is going to happen in the upcoming new year. I listen to not only the Spirit within me, but also to the voices of credible and anointed men and women of God. Although I don’t know everything that is coming, I have a good idea what to expect in the coming months.

If you listen to the media, which has basically become the mouthpiece of the far “left” agenda, and you listen to the voices coming out of Washington DC – you’ll think that the world is ending. We are hearing extreme panic coming from the party in power, that because they can’t force their agenda, the world is ending. The environmentalist will tell you the planet is doomed, unless we agree to their agenda. Now that there is another “variant” of the China virus, the voices from Washington are telling us – lockdowns are coming back – restaurants will close – schools will close – we are going back to early 2020 again --- if that is what you are listening for …. You’ve got it --- to borrow a phrase from the “HEE-HAW” TV show of yesteryear, “Gloom and Doom and Agony on me….”

I’m not listening to this! And neither should you listen! Let’s hear what God is saying.

I believe that we are going to see God At Work in ’22.

In other words, what you see happening will have God’s hand upon it. Yes, I sense troubled waters are ahead for the world. I do believe that we are going to witness the fall of many of the nations and leaders now in power. I believe God is re-arranging the roster --- re-aligning the chairs – and re-setting the agenda. Ultimately there will be an opportunity for an awakening to righteousness – notice I said an “opportunity”. Will everyone who “says Lord, Lord” make it --- NO --- will everyone who claims Jesus, be a part of what of God will do – NO – unfortunately NO. We will continue to see a shifting inside the religious world --- we will continue to see a “cleansing” in the church world. In the world – there will be tribulation. Nations will rise and nations will fall.

Know this – God has and God will always have a “remnant” – a people who will not bow, and thus, will not burn. To those who walk closely to the Chief Shepherd, they will hear His voice, and will follow – and they will not be misled. To those whose hearts are right with God – they will survive and thrive in the coming days. When we see (and I am including myself in that number) what happens, we will know what’s really happening. We will hear the Spirit speaking and follow His leading. As for provision, we will have all we need. The world may look like famine, but those who “sow in famine” will reap a harvest --- when all those in “Egypt” suffer plagues, God’s people will live under His Divine blessing. Will the worldly crowd understand? – NO – will they be envious? – probably so.

One thing for sure – God will have the last word! God will have the last harvest! Souls that are hungry for HIM will be fed – and will be saved!

Time to stop playing church!

Repentance is the order of the day!


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